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S'no(w) Problem At All Sale

Remember a year ago? No? Need a refresher? Okay it starts with "snow" and ends with "mageddon". Can't say I blame you if you forgot. A few things have happened in the last 12 months, to say the least.

Well, as a throwback to all the snow we spent a week clearing a year ago, we're clearing out some stock this week! From now until Friday, January 22nd, grab an extra 15% off all SALE pieces with discount code SNOWPROBLEM.

Here are some layered looks styled straight from our Sale section: (I chose pieces that still had a solid size run available at time of writing)


Find these pieces (Cheezin' Crewneck, Explore Atlantic Tee, and Indoors Slouchy Tee) and more on sale here:

(And don't forget, get an extra 15% off these pieces when you enter discount code SNOWPROBLEM at checkout).

Note: The "froze ta det" toque is available online, but is not currently part of the sale. We just like it with the Cheezin' Crewneck. 



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March Madness Week 1: Don't Be Talkin'!

To be quite honest, the only NCAA basketball I've watched are clips of Carl English that CBC plays in their features on the local star. So ours is a different sort of "March Madness"--a different featured item on our website each week this month! 

For this first week, we're featuring our Don't Be Talkin' Unisex Tee. We went with something green in case you're shopping for a St. Paddy's piece that you can wear year-round. (And with plenty time to get it before the 17th). Bonus: It's $10 off now until the end of the week!

This is, without a doubt, one of the comfiest tees we have in stock, so it's easily one of my favs to wear. We styled it three different wears so you'll have some outfit inspo. 

First up: Sparkly Slip Dress. Are slip dresses still trendy? No odds if they're not. Wear it anyways! Plus, I super duper love when a basic graphic tee is paired up with sequins. It was feeling a little on the fancy side, so I added a casual denim jacket. 

 That adorable scrunchie with the fabric is from Ethereal Boutique in St. John's.

Next Up: More Sequins and Denim! I swear, this wasn't really planned. Originally, I was gonna wear all the denim together, (which is totally acceptable. Tan France tells us so, and so did Britney and Justin), but I mixed and matched instead. I got this denim miniskirt a year ago at Twisted Sisters Boutik, and that deadly fanny pack was locally made by Lucky Penny You're gonna be oh-so-shocked when I tell you the sequin bomber jacket is from my sister, Jess's, closet. (What?! Jess?! But she hates sequins!!) 

I do not know why I hated on the fanny pack for so many years. They're so practical!

Number Three: Monochromatic. I dies for a solid outfit running with shades of the same colour. I also dies for oversized blazers. This one is secondhand, and it took me multiple hours of browsing the thrift store racks to find one that fit me the way I wanted. Another one of my fav outfit combos? Graphic tees underneath blazers. By now you've probably figured out that my fav outfits usually involve graphic tees. You're right, they do. 

Green Pants are also from Ethereal Boutique

The super comfy and versatile Don't Be Talkin' Tee is $10 off this week, until March 8th at midnight. No discount code needed--discount will be automatically applied once you reach the checkout page. 

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Sweater Weather

Winter is here, but have no fear--Spring starts next month! Not that that means anything here in NL. We'll be wearing sweaters until July. So, we're here to keep you all cozy and toasty until then. Grab your snowshoes, or a book, or a nice hot cup of coffee, (or whatever helps you deal with winter), and let's get to it. 

Leggings Look

This one's my everyday look, haha. Leggings, a comfy sweater, and warm socks. And, well, how fitting is our Weather's Not Fit Crewneck?! It's basically how I feel every time my phone buzzes with yet ANOTHER weather alert from the Canadian weather app.  

Unisex Crewneck available here:

"froze ta det" Beanie available here:

Vintage Vibes

This look's a little more polished--a vintage suede skirt with our Unisex Dildo Crewneck. The dusty blue crew is on our website in unisex sizes S to 3X, and is super comfy. I added a couple little pops of colour with a fun collar and this delightful golden yellow embroidered beanie from local maker Feener & Thread

Unisex Dildo Crewneck available here:

Comfy Casual 

I've always thought a crewneck and a turtleneck make a great match when layering. (Unless you hate the feel of a turtleneck on your neck--totally understandable). It's like two outfits in one--you can just remove your sweater and add some accessories. It's an outfit I wish I'd been wearing back on Friday morning when the windchill was -26 and I insisted on having an iced coffee. This sweater in particular is probably my fav--hand drawn trigger mitts in lovely Autumn shades. I paired it with secondhand jeans from Model Citizens and a locally knitted toque made by my friend Laurie (of Some Good Market). 


Unisex Trigger Mitts Crewneck:

Happy Wintering! Stay cozy! 

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